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Magnetic Therapy have been used in the international sports world for many years for
healing injuries due to sprains and repetitive strain. Due to its capability of quick healing it is ruling a major area in the world of sports medicine. Sometimes much kind of injuries has to be treated and healed as quickly as possible and magnet with its quick healing properties is employed in the area of injury to aid the sports person towards a faster recovery.

The increasing popularity and acceptance of bio magnetic therapy is based on two main factors. The increasing confirmatory scientific research conducted on the various healing properties of magnets and the absolute weight of communicative evidence.

Research conducted in using magnets for healing the areas of sprains and repetitive strain injury has come out with positive results. Research shows that magnets have an anti-inflammatory effect. How does it happen? Inflammation causes dilation of the blood vessels which is clinically termed as vasodilatation. Placing a magnet next to the skin will result in constriction of the blood vessels which is clinically called vasoconstriction which causes the opposite effect of vasodilatation thus reducing the cause of inflammation. Research also shows that magnetic therapy or use of magnetic
product as proposed by your therapist helps to maintain the ph balance which often gets imbalanced when you are injured or suffering from ill health. In such cases magnets speed up the migration of calcium ion to heal nerves and tissues. The theory that works behind the healing of the injured area explains that an increase in negative electrical potential which carries a negative charge is involved in the process of healing which is indicated as the North Pole by some researcher. Magnetic applications also increase blood circulations and nutrient carrying potency. Research has also been reported that
magnets also help to produce body's own natural pain killers called endorphins, when nerve fibers are subject to a magnetic field and also produce melatonin a hormone that promotes restful sound sleep. Although these effects has not been conclusively proved yet.

The different magnetic products available for sporting injuries that enhances the well-being and vitality of an individual is possible due to its faster recovery times, no drugs involved, safe and is without any side effects, minimal expert advice is required to use them, inexpensive and reusable. The growing interest from countries including Great Britain, Holland, Canada and the United States apart from Japan, China,India, Australia and Germany shows that though the theory behind the healing property of magnet is still not supported by the scientific community but its effects are felt.

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