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The job of a phlebotomist includes drawing blood for testing and analysis of diseases among patients and requires special training to perform this job. This also includes appearing for a phlebtomy certification exam after completing the required phlebotomy training program at a good health care training institute.

The general population is aging and the demand for skilled healthcare workers is increasing day by day. A 14 percent increase is expected by the United States Bureau of Labor. This comes as a great news for all the phlebotomists as they can expect a growth in employment opportunities in this field.

As compared to the salary of an experienced phlebotomist the starting phlebotomist salary will be lower. Writing and clearing the certification exam doesn’t mean that a phlebotomist can match the performing capability of an experienced phlebotomist.

Newly certified and inexperienced phlebotomists are put on a probationary period by many employers. There is also a good chance of receiving training pay or stipend by some employers during this time. The salary of a phlebotomy technician varies across states, locations and employers. Experience and education are the two most important aspects on which salary primarily depends. Working hours of a full time phlebotomist is 40 hour weeks and that of a part time phlebotomist is between 20 to 30 hours each week. If a phlebotomist is employed by a hospital there may be various time shifts.

Phlebotomy technicians have been classified under the group ‘Clinical Laboratory Technologists and Technicians’ by the United States Bureau of Labour. It also employs approximately 400 Cheap Air Max 90 ,000 healthcare workers and technicians of similar skills. The average hourly salary of a phlebotomist is between $12.45 to $18.50 bringing the annual salary to a total of about $28000 apprximately. Annual salary ranges between $22000 to about $34000 depending on state to state bring the monthly take home salary to about $2000 approximately.

Payscale reports the following average salaries on the basis of experience,employer type and location.
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