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by Alessandra Cardone

ROME, April 24 (Xinhua) -- A brass band of teenagers brightened up the crowd gathered for the event, while clowns entertained children with comedy sketches and acrobatics.

There were some 400 people, almost all of them local residents Herren Damen Off White x Nike Vapormax Schwarz Weiß Schweiz , waiting for the public Peace Hill Library to open its doors for the first time on Saturday afternoon.

The inauguration ceremony would mean more than a free access to reading to them.

On the same date, April 23, countless initiatives were organized across Italy to mark the World Book Day, which was promoted by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of reading since 1995.

Major events in several cities, included Rome, drew large audience and authorities.

Yet Herren Off White x Air Jordan 1 The Ten Rot Weiß Schwarz Schweiz , the launch of this small public library in an unknown working-class suburb east of Rome might represent at best the true meaning of such a celebration.

"Finally, we have something good in our neighbourhood," Cristina, who gave her first name only, told Xinhua.

A mother of three adolescent girls, the woman confessed she was not an ardent reader herself: two books a year was her average.

But she did believe her three daughters would benefit from the new library Herren Damen Off White x Nike Presto Virgil Abloh Schwarz Schweiz , with its airy common spaces, books, laboratories, reading rooms, and computers.

"They will receive some cultural inputs, hopefully Herren Damen Off White x Nike Blazer Studio Mid The Ten Weiß Schweiz , and not just in terms of reading".

"I was born and raised in this suburb, and it is not uncomfortable. Yet, it is shabby and has nothing to offer, especially to young people," she explained.

The Peace Hill library would provide a cultural offer, and work as a sort of community center.

Indeed Herren Damen Off White x Nike Air Force 1 Low The Ten Weiß Schweiz , local residents have been fighting more than 15 years for this.

The building was once a manor farm, and lay abandoned and dilapidated since mid-1990s at least.

The municipality in 2001 seized the whole area of 13,000 square meters to the infamous "Banda della Magliana", which was the first and most feared example of organized crime in Rome.

With the pivotal help of local associations and anti-mafia groups, the area was turned into a park called "Peace Hill", and the complex named after Sicilian mafia victim Peppino Impastato.

The choice was not random Herren Damen Off White x Nike Air Max 97 Schwarz Schweiz , since mafia groups' presence has constantly drew attention in Rome in recent years.

The final destination of the manor farm was decided through a public procedure. In 2002, some 3,000 students and 6,000 parents in the suburb were presented with a selection of public services to choose among, and voted for having a library.

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