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Question: 1

What is the main concern with single sign-on?

A. Maximum unauthorized access would be possible if a password is disclosed.
B. The security administrator's workload would increase.
C. The users' password would be too hard to remember.
D. User access rights would be increased.

Answer: A

A major concern with Single Sign-On (SSO) is that if a user's ID and password are compromised Cheap Teuvo Teravainen Jersey , the intruder would have access to all the systems that the user was authorized for.
The following answers are incorrect:
The security administrator's workload would increase. Is incorrect because the security administrator's workload would decrease and not increase. The admin would not be responsible for maintaining multiple user accounts just the one.
The users' password would be too hard to remember. Is incorrect because the users would have less passwords to remember.
User access rights would be increased. Is incorrect because the user access rights would not be any different than if they had to log into systems manually.

Question: 2

Who developed one of the first mathematical models of a multilevel-security computer system?

A. Diffie and Hellman.
B. Clark and Wilson.
C. Bell and LaPadula.
D. Gasser and Lipner.

Answer: C

In 1973 Bell and LaPadula created the first mathematical model of a multi-level security system.
The following answers are incorrect:
Diffie and Hellman. This is incorrect because Diffie and Hellman was involved with cryptography.
Clark and Wilson. This is incorrect because Bell and LaPadula was the first model. The Clark-Wilson model came later, 1987
Gasser and Lipner. This is incorrect, it is a distractor. Bell and LaPadula was the first model

Question: 3

Which of the following attacks could capture network user passwords?

A. Data diddling
B. Sniffing
C. IP Spoofing
D. Smurfing

Answer: B

A network sniffer captures a copy every packet that traverses the network segment the sniffer is connect to.
Sniffers are typically devices that can collect information from a communication medium Cheap Jaccob Slavin Jersey , such as a network. These devices can range from specialized equipment to basic workstations with customized software.
A sniffer can collect information about most, if not all, attributes of the communication. The most common method of sniffing is to plug a sniffer into an existing network device like a hub or switch. A hub (which is designed to relay all traffic passing through it to all of its ports) will automatically begin sending all the traffic on that network segment to the sniffing device. On the other hand Cheap Victor Rask Jersey , a switch (which is designed to limit what traffic gets sent to which port) will have to be specially configured to send all traffic to the port where the sniffer is plugged in.
Another method for sniffing is to use a network tap鈥攁 device that literally splits a network transmission into two identical streams; one going to the original network destination and the other going to the sniffing device. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages, including cost, feasibility Cheap Scott Darling Jersey , and the desire to maintain the secrecy of the sniffing activity.
The packets captured by sniffer are decoded and then displayed by the sniffer. Therfore, if the usernamepassword are contained in a packet or packets traversing the segment the sniffer is connected to, it will capture and display that information (and any other information on that segment it can see).
Of course Cheap Elias Lindholm Jersey , if the information is encrypted via a VPN, SSL, TLS Cheap Brock McGinn Jersey , or similar technology, the information is still captured and displayed, but it is in an unreadable format.
The following answers are incorrect:
Data diddling involves changing data before Cheap Sebastian Aho Jersey , as it is enterred into a computer, or after it is extracted.
Spoofing is forging an address and inserting it into a packet to disguise the origin of the communication - or causing a system to respond to the wrong address.
Smurfing would refer to the smurf attack, where an attacker sends spoofed packets to the broadcast address on a gateway in order to cause a denial of service.
The following reference(s) werewas used to create this question:
CISA Review
manual 2014 Page number 321
Official ISC2 Guide to the CISSP 3rd edition Page Number 153

Question: 4
Which of the following would constitute the best example of a password to use for access to a system by a network administrator?

A. holiday
B. Christmas12
C. Jenny
D. GyN19Za!

Answer: D

GyN19Za! would be the best answer because it contains a mixture of upper and lower case characters Cheap Justin Williams Jersey , alphabetic and numeric characters, and a special character making it less vulnerable to password attacks.
All of the other answers are incorrect because they are vulnerable to brute force or dictionary attacks. Passwords should not be common words or names. The addition of a number to the end of a common word only marginally strengthens it because a common password attack would also check combinations of words:
Christmas123 etc...

Question: 5

What physical characteristic does a retinal scan biometric device measure?

A. The amount of light reaching the retina
B. The amount of light reflected by the retina
C. The pattern of light receptors at the back of the eye
D. The pattern of blood vessels at the back of the eye

Answer: D

The retina, a thin nerve (150th of an inch) on the back of the eye Cheap Jordan Staal Jersey , is the part of the eye which senses light and transmit

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