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For nearly two thousand years, the Catholic Church has existed as the preeminent religious organization of the Christian faith. The faithís adherents are estimated to be in excess of 1.2 billion people, who look to the Vatican for guidance and interpretation of the Christian Scriptures. While most Catholics strictly adhere to the dictates of their Church, there is a more recent strain of Catholic fundamentalism that is in conflict with modern Catholicism.

The end result of this vehement disagreement over doctrine has led to a separation within the broader Church as certain elements have resisted the attempt to make Vatican policy more liberal. The fundamentalists have sought to reimpose strict interpretation of traditional Catholic teachings, and their efforts have caused a serious debate among both the priestly class and average worshippers.

Much of this debate began after some members of the Roman Catholic Church became dissatisfied with the liberal movement codified at the Second Vatican Council. Many traditionalists saw the Councilís results as being a weakening of traditional Vatican doctrine, and were determined to resist what they saw as a movement away from the Vaticanís traditional positions on the issues of the day.

Nor are the areas of disagreement few. They are many, and varying, and extend across nearly the entirety of doctrinal understanding. These fundamentalists are adamant on issues like ordaining women as priests, maintaining celibacy for the priesthood, resisting anything other than natural birth control, and similar social issues on which the liberals would seek to moderate Romeís policies.

In similar fashion, fundamentalists also demand that the Mass be performed in Latin by every priest. They also insist that traditional Papal interpretations of Scripture remain free from liberal re-interpretation, while also asserting the Supremacy of their Church over all other denominations and religions on the planet. They view Protestants as being outside of Godís grace and subject to his condemnation.

Critics of this fundamentalist ideal have portrayed the movement as being emblematic of an old-fashioned depiction of God as a vengeful tyrant who seeks only to judge, rather than the loving God modern society desires to worship. As a result, they often claim that such traditional views will only harm Church efforts to reach out to a fallen world that needs Godís redemption.

The Church itself has maintained a contentious relationship with many fundamentalist groups, including the prominent Society of Saint Pius X. The Vatican has even gone so far as to declare many of these fundamentalists as being in effective schism with the formal Church, which places them in a position of being outside of Church fellowship.

This continuing split demonstrates that the mighty Roman Catholic Church has marched into the current century in anything but a state of united strength. While liberal elements have proven themselves willing to water down many traditional doctrines in an attempt to make Christianity more appealing to modern societies, the fundamentalists believe that such compromises weaken Christís message and place popularity over the need for . Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap NFL Jerseys Zach Ertz Youth Jersey Tyreek Hill Kids Jersey Tremaine Edmunds Kids Jersey Taysom Hill Kids Jersey
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